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Ultimate Grazing Board Bundle

Regular price ¥13,100

These beautiful hand made grazing boards are made right here in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, The Yarra Valley.

Custom made 500x200 & 800x400 these boards are made from Acacia wood. Handles come in matte black as standard. All boards made by M.L.S Artworx are finished off with an Australian bees wax to help seal the wood so your board is always looking as new as the day you bought it.

The perfect grazing board for dads famous home made pizzas or even a grazing board while watching the footy or his favourite movie! 

For custom made grazing boards please enquire by emailing us at


Handles will not be attached when being send out. This prevents any damage to the board or handles. Holes will be drilled for you to assemble handles. You will need a screwdriver to attach handles.

Care Instructions:

Wipe board with a damp cloth before use. Never leave board to soak in water. Do not place the board in the dishwasher. To maintain this boards surface occasionally rub board with a cooking oil, coconut oil or a bees wax.